my last post here was ”this is it” a michael jackson’s rehearsal documentary movie. right after a few days of posting that my pc was breakdown unexpectedly. i did not know why but might be i had not shut it down properly for three months and i had ever closed my room tightly so ventilation was not good at all in the room.

i was very sad for that that was not only using computer and internet at home but also not posting new posts for you all. i wanted you to understand clearly what’s my problem was that i could not use my laptop that i called my first love for almost a month. after that i bought a new one which am using everyday. the new one is also sony vaio and its model is nw20sf. it’s a good one and i really like it.

actually i’ve never written my posts in english cause i’m not very good at english and at the same time most of my friends are happy to read my posts in burmese. and again i like to write my posts in burmese too cause it can express utmost my deepest feeling and my creative thoughts and ideas.

am not sure in the future i may be trying to write my posts in english but i think that it would be interesting too because everyone of my friends around the world can read what i write here and what i feel in these days. but i know that the task is not easy and i need to improve my english a lot first.

here sometimes i even could not catch their, native english speakers, essence easily and had to ask again and again and very often i just nodded my head and tried to pretend that i got them what they meant. ha ha ha! do u think am naughty? sure, i do sometimes like that.

so after i bought the new computer i don’t need to write my posts in english at all and i can write in burmese. but u know i did already write this piece for posting here and later that means after i got my new lover i thought again that whether i should post it.

that’s my weak point you know what i always think two ways, good or bad, to do or not to do. that’s why i kept it for a while and then again i just saw it and wanted to put here again.

so i post it now and please read it my friends! thank u. bye for now.

date 30/11/2009 time 7:24 am. i should say here that its last year post or the old one. ha ha!